Learn To Lose


Losing isn’t always a bad thing. 

In many situations, it’s a necessary step in discovering what it takes to win. 

The tricky part is when we let our ego get in the way of the experience being a learning opportunity. 

Take sports, for example –  losing control of one’s ego can be the “make or break” for even the most seasoned competitors. I remember when Rory McIlroy walked off the course during the Honda Classic several years ago. He went into the tournament as the top golfer in the world but played nine holes of lousy golf and walked off the course, ignoring a long-held code that states, “a player finishes his or her round unless they have a persuasive reason for withdrawing.”

He wasn’t going to win, either way, but he lost a second time when he decided to let his ego take over. It stinks to feel like you’re struggling, but there’s always a chance to learn or share a positive example for others in those moments.

It’s inevitable; there will be bruised egos throughout life – in business and personal relationships. The sooner we all learn to embrace the moments that challenge us as individuals, the sooner we’ll all be able to thrive together.

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