Learn To Lose

http://www.bizconnect.com Losing isn’t always a bad thing.  In many situations, it’s a necessary step in discovering what it takes to win.  The tricky part is when we let our ego get in the way of the experience being a learning opportunity.  Take sports, for example –  losing control of one’s ego can be the “makeContinue reading “Learn To Lose”

If Not Now, When?

Life is an incredible journey.  Many of us are very blessed to have had brushes with some of the greatest people in the world.   Artists, Musicians, Athletes, Leaders.  People that other people look up to.   Then we have also had brushes with the truly greatest people in the world.  Mothers, Fathers, innovators, givers, the selflessContinue reading “If Not Now, When?”

Cat’s Quote For Today

I have always loved quotes.   Many times there is a lesson of hope, a lesson of failure, a lesson to motivate or drive one to succeed.   They are small pearls of wisdom that give us something to think about as we ponder our own path.  So many times we are looking for outlook or perspectiveContinue reading “Cat’s Quote For Today”

The Strong Hand Of Vince

Many times in life, we have that one person who becomes a friend, a confidant and a kick in the ass when you need it.  For me, that guy was Vince Pellegrino.   Vince was one of the strongest and most straight forward people I’ve ever know.  Whether it was in person where he grabbedContinue reading “The Strong Hand Of Vince”

So You Don’t Like Justin Bieber…

Well…it’s soap box time!  I’m tired of the people who bash Justin Bieber.  People who hate him for the simple reasons that he friggin’ talented, girls think he’s cute (I hear it from my daughter everyday) and his future is pretty much a lock!   Do I love seeing Justin Bieber at every turn?  Not necessarily, butContinue reading “So You Don’t Like Justin Bieber…”