If Not Now, When?

Life is an incredible journey.  Many of us are very blessed to have had brushes with some of the greatest people in the world.   Artists, Musicians, Athletes, Leaders.  People that other people look up to.   Then we have also had brushes with the truly greatest people in the world.  Mothers, Fathers, innovators, givers, the selfless and at times the hopeless.  We always like a great rag to riches story.  A story where someone overcomes great odds to succeed.  Mostly sheer will and determination plays a part.  Throughout my life, I have met many people who have been a part of all of the above.  The most memorable are the ones that have stories to tell.  Stories of despair, stories of hope, stories of perseverance and stories of beating the odds.  You see it isn’t about fame or status, but life is really about courage and character.  I have been shaving my head to raise money for St. Baldrick’s for 12 years now.  Along that journey, I have met parents who have endured triumph and heartbreak.  I have met children who were courageous beyond any adult I’ve ever known.  I’ve met great people and good friends who have both given of themselves to raise money and have donated.  You see, we all get to play a part in a bigger cause.  Mine is simple…I work to raise money to cure childhood cancer.   So if you click a link to help a candidate fund their campaign, then I’m sure you can donate to something that really gives a ROI…a donation to help kids with cancer.  https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/CatThomas2020

Now that I’ve given my pitch, the best people in the world are the ones who are given challenges that they never asked for, yet fight with all their energy to overcome.  If I have to pick a team, I’d give up everyone I’ve ever met to make sure that no parent will ever have to hear a doctor tell them that their child has cancer.   So be a part of something greater.  Join me to help the greatest people in the world.   The kids.   Thank you.


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U.S. Radio Legend Cat Thomas Live here!

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