The Strong Hand Of Vince

Many times in life, we have that one person who becomes a friend, a confidant and a kick in the ass when you need it.  For me, that guy was Vince Pellegrino.   Vince was one of the strongest and most straight forward people I’ve ever know.  Whether it was in person where he grabbed your neck in his vice grip like hands or on the phone where his thick New York Italian accent would yell out “Are you F***in’ crazy?”    Vince was a man of passion and conviction.  I was proud to call him my friend.  I remember sitting at my desk when he called me to tell me about his “bad report” from the Doctor.   He had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  Many people would have sounded scared or lost.  Not Vince.  He told me he looked the doctor in the eye and said, “I’m gonna beat this.”   I know I believed him.  Vince was amazing.  Even when I knew he had Chemo treatments, he was on the phone telling me how strong he felt after the treatments.  How energized he was.  He sounded good.  For the next few years Vince would get a good bill of health only to report a few weeks later that he needed more treatment.  Honestly, he may not have had a good bill of health but I’ll be damned if Vince was going to let anyone think something might be wrong.  As time went on, I could tell that treatments were taking a toll on him.   That he was getting tired.  I think that I would intentionally tell him I didn’t like a record that he was passionate about just to get him fired up and yelling at me.   I always enjoyed the heated arguments with Vince when we were on opposite sides of the music issue, but now I found myself taking the opposite side just so I could get that vocal kick in the ass that only Vince could deliver.  I miss those times.   Vince was taken from his family and friends two years ago this month.  I still can’t believe that he’s not here.  Cancer sucks.  It has taken so much from so many.  I know many reading this enjoyed the time with Vince.  The weekly calls arguing music passionately.  The Annual S.I.N. Awards which really brought so many of us to NYC in December.  The SIN Awards were more like a family reunion than an awards gathering, at least it was to me.  It was liking coming home at Christmas to visit your favorite Uncle and your extended family. It honestly reminded me of The Dropkick Murphy’s video “The Season’s Upon Us” with a Soprano’s theme!  Dropkick Murphys Video   Today I wanted to honor not only my great friend Vince Pellegrino but all those whose lives he touched.  He was a great friend to me and my wife.  He was a good man and most importantly he was the Godfather to a generation of Radio and Record people.  All those that spend time with him are better off for knowing him.  Yes…Cancer Sucks.

In Vince’s honor as well as all those I am blogging about as I raise money for The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, I would like to ask for your help by clicking the link:  Donate To Fight Cancer By Clicking Here  It is my goal to help support Childhood Cancer Research and Care.  If we can cure cancer in our children, it is like pulling out the roots before cancer can develop in adults.  In essence, curing Childhood Cancer is how we cure cancer altogether!  Thank you for you time and help.  I know that Vince, who supported me when I started raising money NINE years ago, is smiling down on us all!   Actually, he’s probably fighting with God on why he can’t get several records in rotation up there!

SIN Vince Pellegrino
Vince, We all love and miss you!


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