So You Don’t Like Justin Bieber…

Well…it’s soap box time!  I’m tired of the people who bash Justin Bieber.  People who hate him for the simple reasons that he friggin’ talented, girls think he’s cute (I hear it from my daughter everyday) and his future is pretty much a lock!   Do I love seeing Justin Bieber at every turn?  Not necessarily, but you will not hear a derogatory term from me.  As I told my buddy Mike A. (name is redacted to protect the innocent) back in October 2009 when he asked me “Who in the hell is Justin Bieber”, I told him then that he’s the next HUGE artist.  By the way…was I right Mike?   The kid plays 5 instruments, can really sing, seems to be a good kid, was very respectful and humble when I met him and stayed an extra hour to make sure that every one of his 300+ fans got an autograph and picture with him.   I can see why people would dislike him.  He’s a very talented 16-year-old kid who has hit the lottery.  All I can figure is anyone who has something derogatory to say about the kid has either never met him or is just insanely jealous of his success!   So, with that being said, I’d like to say thank you from my family and co-workers to Justin for giving us music that drives listener passion and ratings.   The reality is I wish at any point of my life I can suck enough to become independently wealthy like him.  So I lift my Diet Coke to you, your music and in 5 more years, I’ll happily buy you your first beer!

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3 thoughts on “So You Don’t Like Justin Bieber…

  1. You Are Right Boss Cat You Is A Great Kid And He Was Talent I Like Justin Bieber And I’m Proud To Say That

    1. Yeah…I really like this kid, his Mom, his manager Scooter. My 8 year old daughter has Bieber Fever. My 9 year old son has stuck with his Piano & Voice lessons because he wants to built his talent like Justin did. He actually wants to master 5 instruments by the time he is 14. Pretty crappy role model for kids, huh? LOL! My wife even loves his songs. As she says, they are fun and infectious. Justin, Scooter and their group are good people who worked hard and are now reaping the benefits they deserve. We were the first station in America on him and I’m proud to say that. I hope he continues to do big things.

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